About SQLite Manager for Firefox

SQLite Manager is a fairly intuitive and easy to use application that can be used to create and work in SQLite databases. It simplifies many tasks that involve data entry, table and view creation. Originally created as an extension of Firefox, it is now used by a number of other applications as well.

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Learning SQL using SQLite Manager for Firefox

Performing Common Tasks in SQLite Manager

Application Overview

Screen Shot of SQLite Manager showing the Database Objects panel with the Browse & Search Tab in the Object Work Space Panel.

SQLite Manager does not include the SQLite library rather it uses whatever version of SQLite is in use by the application that it is attached to. The SQLite version being used by SQLite Manager is displayed at the bottom left hand corner of the application's window as shown is the screen shot pictured above.

The SQLite Manager GUI has 3 main components; The menu bar/toolbars at the top, the database objects panel on the left and the Object Work Space Panel on the right.

Database Objects Panel

The Database Objects Panel lists the objects of the connected database as well as any sqlite databases that may be attached at the time. These elements are grouped under four categories; Tables, Views, Indexes and Triggers.

The Database Objects Panel also operates as the navigation pane for the application. Clicking on an object name in the panel will show the properties of that object in the Structure tab of the Object Work Space Panel and in the case of TABLE and VIEW objects, the rows associated with the selected object will be displayed in the Browse & Search tab

Object Work Space Panel

The Object Work Space Panel has 4 permanent tabs labeled; Structure , Browse & Search, Execute SQL and DB Settings. There are four additional tabs which are invoked by selecting certain menu items or icons and these are; User-defined Functions , Import, Export , and On-Connect SQL.

Object Work Space Panel Tab Menu

Structure Browse & Search Execute SQL DB Settings Import Export On-Connect SQL
Structure Tab
Shows the properties and SQL CREATE statement for the object highlighted in the Database Object Panel. Change, drop or rename specified Table or view.
Browse & Search Tab
The Browse & Search tab lists the records from tables and views as rows returned for searches. has been highlighted in the left hand menu.
Execute SQL Tab
Enter SQL text area where SQL statements and queries can be run.
DB Settings
With the possible exception of enabling or disabling Foreign Key support, there is little need for anyone but an advanced user to change the settings on this tab.
Wizard to import data from CSV, XML or SQL format files into new or existing tables within the connected database or any attached sqlite databases
Wizard to export a table or view to a CSV, XML or SQL format file.
User-defined Functions
Opened by clicking on the f(x) icon on the Database tool bar
On-connect SQL
Lists SQL statements to be run at the beginning of a database session for such things as enabling FOREIGN KEY support.
May be made specific to a single database or for all databases opened by SQLite Manager.

Colin Riley --Updated May 2011--