SQLite is said by it's creator, D. Richard Hipp to be the most widely deployed Relational Database Management System in the World1. Very likely that is true. Introduced to the general public in 2000, ten years later it is now used for numerous web applications, internet browsers and electronic devices, particulary smart phones.

Since the SQLite DBMS is a self contained single executable and SQL databases are stored as a single file, they are very portable. SQLite however does not lend itself to multi user server applications where a database may be updated by more than one user at any given time.

SQLite Manager User Documentation - DRAFT

A basic introduction SQLite SQL as well as using the commandline interface under Microsoft Windows

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Examples of Generic XSL Transform style sheets to display XML format files exported by SQLite Manager.

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1. "Most Widely Deployed SQL Database" http://www.sqlite.org/mostdeployed.html

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